VMS Lux Enclosed Transport Moves VIP

by Jay W.

VMS Lux Moves Priceless Diamonds With White Glove Service

Imagine you’re the car collector’s preferred VMS Lux enclosed transport driver. In thirty seconds you’ll be driving a pristine and irreplaceable multi-million dollar futuristic racing robocar up onto two narrow aluminum ramps. It’s bumper-to-bumper rush hour traffic in the center of Times Square downtown New York City. You try to remain focused – convincing yourself you’re not stressed.

For VMS Lux Transportation, this is standard operating procedure. Because this is the company you hire to move your precious Ferrari 812 Superfast million dollar baby.

VMS Lux Enclosed Transport Is Preferred By The Super-Rich

If you’re a new client, you’d be wise to book well in advance. VMS Lux Transportation repeat customers include car collectors, luxury brand marketers, special event coordinators, high-end dealership managers and new vehicle release tour promoters. And if you want to hire their premium enclosed transport service, your vehicle is likely to be getting in line with a rare prototype that just came off a plane from Dubai.

But it hasn’t always been this way. This is the unfinished story of a hard-won success.

VMS Lux Enclosed Is A Family-Owned, Life-Long Passion

VMS is a family-owned business operated by three brothers: Sigis, Tony, and Mantas. Their father, Virgis, supervises the routine maintenance of their transportation equipment. As young boys growing up in historic Lithuania, they remember imagining their toy metal cars were like the incredible souped-up racing machines they could only find on television. But when they moved to America fifteen years ago, they finally discovered the tangible reality of “big, beautiful car heaven.”

Open Frustration Before An Empire Of Enclosed

Unfortunately, their first attempt at car hauling totally flopped. After getting strapped to a loan for a pickup truck and a flatbed, they found themselves living paycheck-to-paycheck. They loaded alongside old wooden, landscaping trailers while scavenging for odd jobs from a used up dispatch load board. Constantly under pressure and feeling a need to cut corners, their safety record plummeted and their truck was ultimately put out of service. Suddenly, they found themselves in need of a miracle as they headed back to square one.

In their gut they remembered open carrier transport was not their original vision; for only an enclosed trailer would allow them to serve the clientele they had always had in mind. After putting their heads together, they found the right investor for a bold new strategic business plan. Located just twenty-five minutes west of Manhattan, they put everything they had into servicing the VIP brokers, dealers, and collectors that would eventually skyrocket their long-awaited enclosed transport business. Dedicating their company time and personal passion to each and every vehicle, slowly they were able to bring in more high-end referrals. Two years have gone by and their lives have been forever changed.

Growing A Niche Hobby Into A Passionate Success

Their newfound stability grew from their two trustworthy Silverado 3500 pickup trucks and two high-quality aluminum Sundowner enclosed trailers. By allowing best paying customers to dictate specific details of the job, they channeled their experience and passion to deliver the goods. From professional dedication and a profound love for beautiful cars, each pickup and delivery became a proud moment to remember (and share).

Today, VMS Lux enclosed transport employs nine people; and together, they drive and manage five transport trailers. Most importantly, none of their equipment is more than a few years old. They rely solely on all-aluminum enclosed trailers and well-maintained trucks. Now, when customers see the VMS logo (resembling a tuxedo) pulling up to the curb,they know the professionals are back in town and that their pride and joy is in good hands.

Traveling In Style And Showing It On Social Media

Tony says, “Clients love seeing pictures of our equipment before we show up.” He adds, “In fact when brokers sell these jobs, they have VMS Lux enclosed transport in mind. High-end clients don’t want the cheapest service – they want the best service!”

Tony also says, “Some clients are sold just by seeing our pictures on social media.” He proudly welcomes everyone to check out their website as well as their Facebook page. Tony also knows that Instagram is the perfect platform for sharing high-resolution images of premium vehicles being transported with extreme care. Click here to see pictures like the Ferrari 812 Superfast in West Palm Beach. (

“Super Dispatch Is The Center Of The Whole Operation”

Make no mistake; great rewards won’t always come without high risk. Tony is quick to point out that “if there is any prior damage before we transport, it’s the inspection with the pictures date and time stamped – and geotagged – which stop the damage claims.” He adds, “there are definitely situations where this has saved us.” Because as Tony points out, “five minutes can cost you five thousand dollars!”

Sigis adds, “When you get to the office, the first thing you do is open Super Dispatch. See where the trucks are and the status of a dispatch. GPS is great for keeping track and giving ETAs to a client without bothering the driver. We never want our drivers distracted with having to answer their phones. And anyone can take information out and put information in with attachments – right inside an order – right there accessible and convenient.”

And specific to VMS Lux business, Tony tells me that “clients buy vehicles sight unseen. The client is anxious to see the car and the BOL can be emailed to them before the car is delivered which keeps them calm and satisfied.”

There Is No Limit For VMS Lux Enclosed Transport

From the biggest city to the middle of nowhere, car collecting is an international passion. Whether it’s a personal owner or a corporate racing exec, every VMS client appreciates a true commitment to excellence. Tony believes “the reason we’re so successful is that we don’t outsource anything. We only use great equipment and we’re always on time. That means always on point and always accessible to great clients by cell phone. We work 24/7. No days off for this kind of business.”

So if you’ve got a seven million dollar car to move, you now know who to call. To get a quick quote, simply go to their website (, send an email ([email protected]), or call the main office (908-666-7665). During business hours they will call you back within 15 minutes. As Sigis likes to say, “I love cars and I like to work. This job is like killing two birds with one stone.”

Published on November 6, 2017


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