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Super Dispatch meets RCG Logistics enterprise brokering needs

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RCG Logistics first opened its doors in 2005, when Alex Marinov decided to make the plunge into auto transport brokering.

Like many great businesses, when RCG first started, Alex worked alone out of his own home. Before growing (and eventually partnering with Super Dispatch) he started by organizing his business with paper spreadsheets and building a client base from auction work. With that hard work as his foundation, RCG is now a successful auto transport brokerage company that boasts nearly 50 employees.

Growing a small auto transport brokering business

Brokerages need a few key elements to grow and scale, the obvious being clients, carriers, and employees. However, the most overlooked is technology.

RCG established themselves in auction-transport delivering cars to their final destination. To scale up, they expanded their brokering to include transportation to the auction, as well. This move brought about huge growth for RCG. In order to meet the demand, the team built a new website and strengthened their inbound marketing efforts to increase client acquisition. Additionally, RCG created a system for approving car haulers to work with. Today, carriers fill out an application packet if they want to work with RCG, and this process has served RCG well.

“We needed a more modern, sophisticated way to interact with our data.”

With a booming business backed by high quality hires, RCG was getting more work and the need for their service increased. However, outdated processes and slow operational tools were holding the team back from their full potential.

Growing with Super Dispatch

There’s no doubt that RCG was experiencing overwhelming growth, however, they began to realize something was missing.

We just got to a point where we needed better tools, Alex said about the switch. Specifically, we needed a more modern, sophisticated way to interact with our data.

RCG began to move more than 1000 cars a month, which became difficult to manage using just J Tracker as a CRM. Instead, Alex and his team searched for software that was more enterprise-focused and would allow them to scale. RCG found their solution in Super Dispatch’s unique API integration. This API integration allows RCG to create orders for carriers, notify customers of updates and build custom company reports. Most notable of the improvements using Super Dispatch was the scaling of their accounting department, without using additional resources.

“We were able to triple the number of transactions without adding a single person to the accounting department,” Alex said.

A Community with Super Dispatch

A big bonus for RCG Logistics is the uniformity of paperwork, as well. So many Carriers already use the Super Dispatch Carrier TMS to inspect cars, create electronic BOLs and send invoices. It was a natural fit for RCG’s auto transport brokering, inspection and delivery process.

“So Super Dispatch really gave us access to an established driver application that makes it easy to take consistent vehicle conditions reports,” Alex said.

“We were able to triple the number of transactions without adding a single person to the accounting department.”

A Partner Who Listens

Alex and the RCG team understand the importance of partnering with organizations that are as equally committed to their success. A company that wants to partner is often difficult to find. Alex was relieved when he found an extension of his team in Super Dispatch. As RCG’s team began to grow and their business needs increased, it was crucial that RCG had a partner who listened.

“I work with a lot of different software providers and if anybody comes to ask for feedback or a survey, I politely tell them no, thank you, because I’m just not confident my feedback will be heard,” Alex said. “Versus when we work with Super Dispatch’s team… a lot of our feedback is implemented. That’s huge. That fact, that you listen to the customer.”

With a partner accommodating to feedback and able to scale as business needs grow, Super Dispatch has committed to helping RCG succeed every step of the way.

The future of auto transport brokering at RCG

Regardless of the immense amount of success RCG has accomplished, they are far from done. Still in a strategic growth phase, RCG will continue with plans to grow in 2019 and 2020. The company has hired heads of sales, marketing and dispatch, as well as CEO Vick Kuzmenko. Armed with years of experience in the automotive logistics industry, Vick made the move in 2018 from the Auto Financial Services sector to RCG in the Auto Transport Brokering sector.

“Commitment to communication, transparency and accountability makes RCG a trusted partner.”

“For the longest time, the automotive logistics industry has operated as a black box; transportation assignments are requested, vehicles arrive whenever with lack of communication, transparency or accountability,” Vick said in his new position as RCG’s CEO. “RCG is disrupting the industry with a unique disposition; focusing heavily on true visibility and confidence in our services for our customers.”

Commitment, communication, transparency and accountability makes RCG a trusted partner to our rapidly expanding client list,” he said. Vick and the new team are excited to plug their industry expertise to work, alongside Super Dispatch.

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Published on September 4, 2019


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