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Introducing Touchless Delivery

by Kacie LaCombe

As essential workers, it’s important to Super Dispatch, and our industry, that all drivers are safely able to continue to work without a threat to the health of themselves, their coworkers, and their families. Which is why Super Dispatch is excited to announce our solution to keep the auto transport industry moving forward and all drivers safe – Touchless Delivery. This advanced feature within the free Super Dispatch app, enables drivers to move cars faster and safer. As the first of its kind, Touchless Delivery is just the beginning of enabling the auto transport industry to move cars smarter in a post COVID-19 world.

Starting Monday, June 8th, all drivers on the free Super Dispatch app will have access to using Touchless Delivery. After completing inspection photos, all the driver has to do is select “Touchless Signature” when prompted for pickup and delivery signature. Once selected, the app sends a text message with a link for the pickup or delivery contact to sign and submit their signature. Drivers get back on the road faster and safer while the BOL automatically updates with the signature upon completion.

After seeing the safety challenges carriers were facing during COVID-19, the Super Dispatch team spoke to customers about their needs to safely stay on the road. The engineering and product teams at Super Dispatch held a weekend long development sprint to answer the call for a much needed safe solution for drivers to have at their fingertips. 

“Companies using Super Dispatch had an easy transition to working from home, but we were still concerned about driver safety. They are essential workers and nothing gets shipped without them. To further our commitment to making it safe, we’ve introduced Touchless Deliveries,” says Super Dispatch CEO Bek Abdullayev. 

As you get back on the road, let us know how Touchless Delivery is helping you! For more information, send us a chat or read more about using the new feature here.

Published on June 3, 2020


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