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How Super Dispatch Integrations Increase Efficiency

by Kacie LaCombe

The best shippers know that efficient carriers are just as important as their own efficient back office. Without the tools to properly manage, organize, and communicate within the business, idle loads can quickly turn into lost money, making it even more difficult to get ahead in a highly competitive industry.

While understanding what integrations are and how important they can be, we make it simple. At Super Dispatch offers a wide range of software integrations to ensure that shippers have the best solutions at their fingertips at all times. Whether it’s connecting a patchwork of different apps, enabling automation, or delivering a custom-programmed solution, integrations allow shippers of all sizes to work smarter, not harder. 

Here are five ways that Super Dispatch helps increase efficiency: 

Simplifies billing and back-office reporting

Nobody enjoys having to juggle a patchwork of disparate solutions in order to carry out a simple task, like producing an invoice. That’s why Super Dispatch integrates directly with Zapier, an online automation tool that works with a wide range of third-party solutions for billing and reporting. For shippers, SuperDispatch can also connect to Quickbooks Online and Quickbooks Desktop through Zapier, making it simple to import contacts, send invoices, and update received payments from a single, intuitive dashboard. 

Allows EDI integration

Replacing paper-based workflows can significantly improve efficiency and accuracy, cutting down on processes that often rife with human error or time-intensive manual effort. EDI (electronic data interchange) is a key technology that enables carriers to implement paperless processes through standardized digitized formats. Orders and transactions can be exchanged in real-time over EDI, delivering greater transparency throughout the entire work process.

Provides improved reporting and dispatching capabilities

Manual or outdated methods of reporting and dispatching can grind productivity to a halt. Super Dispatch makes it easy for shippers to generate reports directly from the dashboard for business analysis and streamlines the dispatching process, giving shippers quick access to their most important tools.

Includes API support for Auto Transport

Modern businesses run on apps that seamlessly exchange information with one another. An API (application programming interface) allows shippers and carriers to craft specific solutions that link together back and front end systems, producing a single source of truth for teams to rely on. Not only can an API help shippers and carriers automate common workflows like managing loads or processing payments, but it can also enable shippers and carriers to integrate proprietary-built tools, turning Super Dispatch into a one-stop powerhouse solution.

Offers a customizable solution for unique Shipper needs

Shippers know that there’s no one-size-fits-all model for running a successful business. Because shippers may rely on different needs, Super Dispatch offers a high level of customization to ensure that existing software and new solutions can play well together. 

Read more here on why you need a comprehensive auto transport platform. Or get started with the most state-of-the-art system for shippers and brokers today with a free Super Dispatch trial.

Published on May 7, 2021


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