How Car Retailers Can Sell EV Confidence to Consumers

by Ben Price

During last month’s NADA Show, one of the biggest talking points was the rise in electric vehicles (EVs). Chargeway CEO and Founder Matt Teske explained how EVs play an important role in the future of the industry and emphasized that retailers need to “sell EV confidence” in order to help customers to better visualize electric energy like how gasoline is currently seen.

But this is easier said than done, as selling electric vehicles can be a challenge for many retailers with not all of them having much experience with the energy sector. Today we’ll be discussing how retailers can sell EV confidence to consumers, in our world that is quickly becoming more EV-focused.

Educate Sales Personnel Properly

One of the biggest reasons why EVs are not selling as much as they could is simply because sales personnel are generally not as educated about them as ICES (internal combustion engines). This makes sense, as EVs are still relatively new tech and ICES have been the standard since the start of the automotive industry.

Teske commented on this, stating that “there is a gap between the energy sector and the auto sector… and dealers [need to be]  well versed in the energy sector [in order to sell] EVs.” Dealerships will need to overcome this obstacle if they wish to increase the sales of EVs.

Many sales personnel have never owned or used EVs for an extended period of time, and are therefore not as experienced with them as a result. As a result, sales personnel should be properly educated so that they can answer customer questions, offer good insight about EVs, and do an overall better job of selling them.

Marketing EVs Alongside ICES

Marketing plays a huge role in selling a product, so therefore retailers should invest more heavily into advertising EVs alongside ICES (internal combustion engines). Advertising, whether on television, social media posts, or internet pop-up ads, goes a long way in getting a product in front of faces, and can help persuade customers into buying products.

Dealerships need to stop treating EVs like an alternative side product, which they have for many years, and begin advertising it as one that is equally as good. Otherwise, if retailers continue treating EVs as an alternative secondary option, then so will consumers. 

Teach About Charging Options

“Range anxiety” has been an ongoing problem since the first EVs were introduced to the public; it only makes sense that a lack of charging stations has created anxiety for many drivers hesitant in purchasing their own EVs. Additionally, older EVs that have a limited driving range haven’t done a great job of instilling confidence in drivers.

However, all of this is changing, with charging stations becoming commonplace in many regions of the world and the United States increasing the number of charging stations by 55% in 2021 alone. And with President Biden’s recent announcement of the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program that will provide $5 billion towards the creation of new RV charging stations, there should be no shortage of options.

If dealerships properly educate customers and inform them of the abundant options currently and soon to be available, then it will go a long way in instilling confidence within consumers.

Acknowledge the Industry’s Changing

With the recent NADA Show focusing so heavily on electric vehicles and their role in the future of the automotive industry, it has become apparent that the automotive industry is changing. Retailers must acknowledge this change, and embrace it rather than ignore it. EVs can be beneficial for both consumers and retailers and can help to modernize and improve the industry in the long run.

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Published on April 7, 2022


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