A Guide to Shipping a Vehicle: A Shipper’s Perspective


Not too long ago, I was reading auto transport blogs on Medium and came across a piece entitled “A Guide to Shipping a Vehicle” by Brenden Mulligan.

In his post, Mulligan described his first experience ever shipping a vehicle across the country. It wasn’t the best experience, to say the least. He starts:

“I recently shipped a car across the country for the first time. My car ended up showing up filthy in darkness with $2,500 in damage which I didn’t see until the next day.

It was a confusing thing to set up. I imagine many people shipping cars have never done it and probably won’t need to do it again. So basically, the industry can take advantage of first timers.

Here are some things I wish I’d done differently:

  • Decide if you want open or closed transport. Open means the car will get very dirty, but it’s a lot less expensive and generally more available. Closed means the car is inside a container. I wish I would have done closed only so when the car arrived, it was clean.

  • Have the person on the pickup side take a zillion photos, send you a list of any and all damage that the vehicle had at pickup, and a photo of the pickup Bill of Lading, which is the document that is used to state the condition of the car. Know this inside and out so when it arrives, you know what damage is new.”

Mulligan’s experience is a valuable one for consumers who are thinking about shipping their own vehicles, as well as for auto transport drivers themselves. This article is also quite interesting, as the writer is advocating for technology that already exists, with Super Dispatch offering all of his requested features.

Easily Keep Track of Damage

Super Dispatch’s Carrier TMS allows drivers to easily take photos of their shipments before delivering, mark all damages and wear prior to shipping, offer open or closed transport, and more.

And even though his experience is from a completely different perspective than what we normally hear at Super Dispatch, he came to the same conclusion we have. Mulligan not only advises to directly communicate with the Carrier, but also for photo inspections, and checking in on the location of your shipment.

Try Super Dispatch

Super Dispatch aims to fix the communication problems and headaches for haulers, but in doing so, our software also fixes the problems on the shipper’s side as well. If you want to avoid future headaches, then Super Dispatch might be the perfect option for your auto transport business. With the ability to mark any visible damage and easily communicate with customers and shippers, Super Dispatch can protect you and your business from future damage claims. Try it today for free.

Published on September 7, 2018

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