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In order to run a successful auto business, you’ve got to make your customers happy and satisfied – after all, customers are the heart of every business, so ensuring that they are taken care of is absolutely essential. But with that said, sustaining customer satisfaction is far from an easy task.

Creating customer satisfaction can often require entire teams’ worth of employees just to answer customer questions and fulfill requests. This can create enormous workloads, and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to sustain over time. However, there is a way to cut many of these costs while still keeping your customers happy. This can be done through the use of customer portals. 

What is a Customer Portal?

A customer portal is essentially a personalized web page or website intended for customer use, offering customers a single point of access to any relevant self-service options for any given product or service. Some of the most common uses for customer portals is allowing customers to view details for a recent order, track an online order, view or change account information, or viewing FAQs (frequently asked questions) regarding a product or service. Customer portals can help your business in many ways; here are their biggest benefits.

Increase Customer Satisfaction 

In an era where a near endless amount of knowledge is at one’s fingertips in the form of smart phones, people have become rather impatient. Sites like Amazon update their shipping statuses in matters of minutes, offering customers a close estimate of when a package is scheduled to be delivered, how far along it is, and where the package currently is.

This has become the level of quality that all businesses must strive for, so offering a customer portal that can provide shipping information like this is vital. By utilizing a customer portal, you can help satisfy impatient customers, which increases customer satisfaction and can help your business gain a good reputation.

Reduce Customer Care Costs

Customer portals are not only beneficial to customers by offering additional information right at their fingertips, but are also helpful as they automate work that otherwise would have to be done by your business manually. Companies that lack a customer portal might have five or more customer service employees, to answer all customer inquiries manually via phone or email, but with a customer portal, that number could easily be cut in half thanks to the automated customer care services that it provides.

This reduced amount of manual customer service work can allow your business to save potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars annually in employee hires, which goes a long way in growing a successful business.

Become More Organized

Being able to stay organized is incredibly important, yet it often falls by the wayside far too regularly. Using a customer portal that’s directly tied to one’s TMS (transportation management software) can help you stay organized, as it allows sharing information from one place as easy as a single button press, or even automatically.

With Super Dispatch, you can keep track of all of customer information, inventory, and orders all in one place. Everything can be controlled via Super Dispatch’s app without ever having to manually call a customer, jump back and forth between multiple systems, or search through endless customer support emails. 

Instead, you can now keep track of all of your customers and shipments in one singular place, and easily provide your customers with the information that they need. This can allow your business to move faster by streamlining your process and work more efficiently!

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Published on November 11, 2022

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