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In April, a few members of Super Dispatch attended the Auto Hauler Association of America Conference in sunny Atlanta, GA. AHAA is an association of car haulers that was created to fill the black hole of information that plagues the auto hauling industry. The association holds the conference a few times every year to further it’s goal to “focus on the needs of auto haulers and vehicle logistics providers of all sizes.” The event was filled with car haulers talking about efficiency, business practices, Elogs and much more.

Super Dispatch’s Head of Sales Emily, and Super Dispatch’s CEO Bek, sat down to talk about their biggest takeaways from the conference:

Bek’s biggest takeaways:

  • “A lot of the haulers have to be more competitive, especially at these new rates, to compete [in the space] of OEMS. So efficiency is ever more important.”
  • “Electronic Logging Mandate has done a number on these carriers. A lot of them are struggling with poor technology and especially with [decreased] capacity. This [will] continue to be one of the things that the carriers and technology providers have to overcome.”
  • “I think that it’s more important, especially as [car] carriers grow, to keep all their information in one place. And keep everyone notified.”
  • “One of the most exciting parts for me, was to meet our customers face-to-face. Not only to see how they use our product, but to get feedback on how we can continue to improve as their needs change.”

auto hauler elog and BOL app for car haulers

Emily’s biggest takeaways:

  • “Just seeing what these car haulers go through on a day-to-day basis. It makes me feel good about the technology that we are selling, to give these carriers more autonomy
  • “[I really want to continue to focus on] how Super Dispatch can give them back so much more time. It doesn’t matter if they are away from the office, like at a conference. They can check in on their phone or iPad, and get a really good grip on what’s going on that day.”

Did you go to the Auto Hauler Association for America Conference? What did you think? Let us know in the comments.

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Published on May 7, 2018

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