5 Great Tips for Dealerships to Boost Sales this Summer

by Ben Price

These days, running a car dealership can be an uphill battle due to various factors like the ongoing chip shortage, rising prices of wholesale used vehicles, steep gas prices, and more. Because of the current status of the auto industry, dealerships must work harder than ever before to earn a customer’s business and think outside of the box when it comes to gaining new customers.

But luckily, there are some great ways for dealerships to boost their business’ sales during the Summer season, with some providing highly effective results. Read on to learn about the best ways for your dealership to earn the most money possible this Summer.

1. Offer Special Seasonal Deals and Giveaways

A great way to boost your sales during the summer months is by offering seasonal deals, events, and giveaways to your customers. While not quite as prominent as the Winter months, there are several great opportunities to offer special seasonal deals during the Summer. Fourth of July and Back-to-School are perhaps the two biggest seasonal sale ideas, but the Summertime is overall perfect for coming up with original deals.

2. Sponsor Local Community Events 

During the Summer, local community events are very popular – to take advantage of these events, you could consider sponsoring them. By providing a sponsorship, many events will allow you to advertise your brand, which many include having your business’ name and logo, business address, and contact information at the event. This is an awesome way to get your brand out there.

This is a particularly effective marketing tactic during the Summertime, as there are typically more community events that occur, and more folks usually attend them due to the warmer weather at this time of the year. Not to mention, sponsoring events helps to place your business in a more positive light, showing that you care for the community.

3. Optimize Your Brand’s Presence Online

Many business owners – especially those who’ve been around for a long time – don’t realize how important it really is to have a strong online presence. Everything from your website to your advertisements and social media page all play vital roles in your business’s success, as your online visibility can make a big difference in how many potential customers may find your business.

  • Properly Optimize Your Website (And Make One if You Don’t Have One!)

Make sure that your business’ website is properly optimized, functions properly, and looks modern. Your business is defined by your website, so having an old, outdated, or poorly optimized website reflects badly on your dealership. It’s important to make sure everything functions on your website, without any dead-end links, appears visually appealing, matching the same vibe as your brand, and is ranking well on Google searches.

If you don’t have a website, then get one. You may not think that your dealership needs a website, but trust us, it does. Websites are how many businesses are found, and can greatly increase your daily foot traffic if done well. If that isn’t your forte, then consider hiring someone to create and properly optimize your website – it’ll make a world of a difference, especially during peak times of the year!

  • Get Reviews From Customers

Gathering reviews from past customers is one of the best ways of building your brand’s social proof and establishing your business as trustworthy. With plenty of positive reviews on platforms like Google and Yelp, it will make car shoppers much more likely to choose you above your competitors.

  • Make Google Ads

These days, more people are likely to find your business via online ads and Google searches rather than from commercials and physical media (newspapers, magazines, etc). As a result, you’ll need to go the extra mile when it comes to digital marketing – spending extra money on creating Google Ads will make a huge difference in your business’s online visibility, as it will allow your business to appear above others on Google searches. Improving your keywords and creating content like blogs will also help too, but paying for ads will give you that extra boost.

4. Hire Better

Finding truly great sales reps is a difficult task, with employee churn for sales higher than other lines of work. This is particularly true during the Summer season, as many younger workers (high school and college students, in particular) may only be looking for work for the Summertime and are more likely to quit after only working for a short period. In order to avoid churn, make sure to hire employees that will stay long-term and hire driven, ambitious, and highly motivated individuals who are enthusiastic about work. It’s also very important to hire workers that have more extroverted personalities, seem knowledgeable about the auto industry, and are good salespeople.

By taking the proper amount of time during the hiring process to sift through your candidates and select the best fit workers, you’ll not only save time and money in the long run by reducing churn rate, but you’ll also have a stronger sales force as well.

5. Think Digitally

This final point is true during all times of the year, and not just during the Summer. With the auto industry becoming more and more technologically driven, thinking digitally is absolutely vital to becoming successful. Consider using web programs like DMS and TMS software, and offering online shopping.

Offering to ship is also one aspect of car shopping that’s become more common nowadays, with auto transport being a key driving factor of auto dealerships nationwide. And in order to achieve this, investing in a proper TMS (transportation management system) is necessary.

Super Dispatch is one of the most advanced TMS platforms available today, as it offers all of the necessary resources and tools for dealerships to move cars. With both an advanced load board and transportation management system, Super Dispatch allows users to keep better track of their inventory, manage their car shipments, communicate directly with auto transport drivers, and much more. Request a demo today!

Published on June 17, 2022


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