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Top Kansas City Startups to Watch in 2018

Top Kansas City startups to watch in 2018

Kansas City has a growing tech community, and Super Dispatch is happy to be a part of it. One of our favorite tech publications, Startland News, numbered us in the top 10 KC startups to watch in 2018:

?Within Kansas City?s startup community, one question remains as confounding as it is combustible.

?What is a startup??

Purists say it's a disruptive tech firm. Egalitarians maintain the term applies to any early-stage business. Others ask another question: Who cares?

The answers ? debated in spirited fashion in national media, on Kansas City discussion boards and Startland story comments ? vary widely.

But regardless of the explanations, Kansas City places significant value on the process of and support for starting up a business. While not unique to Kansas City, such enthusiasm has created wealth and vibrancy for this community, as well as an abundance of stories for Startland.

Read more from Bobby Burch on who the other 9 companies are here...


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