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How a TMS Software Helps Shippers

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The auto transport industry has changed a lot in recent years. Brokers and shippers are adopting transport management systems (TMS) technology at a rapid pace. However, it’s crucial to be able to tell the difference between a good and bad TMS; a good TMS will help you, but a bad TMS will only frustrate you.

So what factors should be considered when investing in a TMS? Also, how do you even know what a good TMS should look like? The journey of discovering the best TMS systems for shippers begins with learning about the various aspects of a good TMS.


The Ideal TMS Systems for Shippers

Before spending any money on a TMS, you should know what features are essential for your business. After all, not every TMS vendor offers the same features. Most have the basic features that almost everyone needs. However, they may be missing something, a crucial integration – that can make or break your business.

A viable TMS should fulfill all your auto transport requirements and allow your business to continue to grow. Furthermore, a TMS shouldn’t only get your loads transported but should also get them transported quicker, all without additional overhead. That way, your business can continue to grow without any financial setbacks.

Managing multiple apps is not a new thing for auto transport brokers and shippers. However, this is no longer necessary when using a TMS like Super Dispatch. Our TMS has API integration that can connect with many different apps. The API integration can allow your business to scale even further. Our integration capabilities will also enable more automated workflows for your business.

We also offer a free demo of our TMS. That way, you can see for yourself just how easy it is to adopt our technology and navigate our dashboard.


Scale-up Your Business

Technology is constantly changing. This fact can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Embrace it, and choose the proper methods and tools to help you stay ahead of the competition.

Choosing to use a TMS system for shippers is the right thing to do, but there are two things to consider when doing so. You should think about what your current business needs are and what your needs down the road might be as well.

You need to consider your long-term business goals as well because not every TMS is equipped to scale up your business. This is because new and complex challenges will arise, and the TMS must be ready to handle them.

So, begin by laying out the future goals for your business and then discuss them with your prospective vendor. Ask them if they’re equipped to handle that potential growth, what particular ways they will handle it, and the specific features of the TMS that will enable you to grow.


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An End-To-End Platform and Custom Reporting

In all TMS systems for shippers, there should be the capability of tracking and managing loads in real-time. But a good TMS doesn’t stop there. A considerable benefit of TMS for shippers is the increased visibility. This should include custom reporting, which would grant you greater insight into your operations. It should also be an end-to-end platform that connects seamlessly to a modern load board. This is how Super Dispatch works and why we are proud to call ourselves a one-stop-shop for your auto transport requirements. We also provide shippers with access to reliable carriers.


Not Just Another Vendor  

The majority of vendors can give limited support. However, it doesn’t usually go much further than the FAQs or simple tech support questions. As technology continues advancing at a rapid pace, your business should be growing as well, and your TMS vendor must keep up the pace as well. This means that they should provide support as not just a vendor but also as an ally to your business. Are they listening to what you have to say? Do they seem to care about the future goals of your business? Are they implementing the feedback that you give them?

In conclusion, a suitable TMS will have a team of experts behind it who can anticipate your future needs and optimize the backend so that you’ll be set up for success. 


Published on March 21, 2021


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