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Forced Central Dispatch jTracker Migration: Top 3 Options for Shippers

by Kacie LaCombe

Last week, a sudden announcement was made by Central Dispatch that as it ends its partnership with jTracker, it forces the immediate migration of all jTracker users onto a different customer relationship management (CRM) – BATS.

While not a ton of information has been made readily available, as each user has been given only a 30 day notice, we did some research and put all of your best options together here based on Broker and Shipper needs.


Option 1: Migrate onto BATS

This is the only option provided by Central Dispatch. This is for those who are interested in trying to duplicate their existing agreement with Central Dispatch and jTracker. BATS provides a relatively similar offering to jTracker by including the basic CRM features in addition to automations like lead pricing and email notifications. 

While it is the standard option, at a starting price point of $200 for the first user and then $50/per month for every additional user, it does seem there are other options where you can get more bang for your buck. In addition, all historical data outside of 30 days will not be transferred to BATS and anyone contemplating their options, and needing to recover their data, was only given 30 days’ notice that this would be taking place.

While the minimal notice is alarming to many, this option seems best for those who need robust CRM features. However, many are already concerned about how complicated it is to use. And while BATS is partnering with Central Dispatch, other advanced load boards can offer your business connection to BATS so you can still access multiple load boards or even a Transportation Management System (TMS), if needed. 


Option 2: All-in-One Platform

It seems as though a lot of Brokers and Shippers have been paying a large amount for their CRM and Central Dispatch connection. And while they’ve been leveraging a CRM, a Shipper TMS with a CRM integration are actually the tools their business needs. 

With a TMS, Brokers and Shippers can easily manage drivers, access and build digital documents like inspection reports, automate invoicing, and leverage an API to integrate their favorite CRM and accounting software. And if you partner with an all-in-one platform, like Super Dispatch, then you also get a connected advanced load board with GPS tracking backed by verified and rated Carriers. All of this, for the price of one. And if you’re looking for a more elevated experience, Super Dispatch also built a customer portal where Broker’s and Shipper’s customers have their own access to see immediate updates on their vehicles 24/7.

This would require a full migration, but partners like Super Dispatch have teams to help your business onboard easily and quickly. Partnering with an all-in-one platform solution is best for those businesses who want more for their money and greater visibility into their customers, drivers, and business.


Option 3: ProABD

For those Brokers and Shippers who still only need a CRM, but do not want to migrate to BATS, there are other CRM options available. Another similar and popular option is ProABD

ProABD is an auto transport CRM with additional load board integrations. With automated payments, leads response, and emails you get the CRM features you need with the ability to integrate with any load board you prefer, including Super Dispatch. And with the integration with Super Dispatch, you have the ability to bid and book, track loads, receive vehicle photos, and get instant status updates in real time all inside your ProABD account.

While this still predominantly only gives you the necessary CRM information, it gives you greater visibility into your loads and better access to get your loads moved faster. 


While the end-of-life of the jTracker platform caught many of the industry off guard, it presents the opportunity to take a better look at your business and decide what tools or features your business actually needs. From a classic CRM to an all-in-one solution, there are options for your auto transport Broker or Shipper business. 

Ready to check it out? Request a free demo today to see how Super Dispatch can be the solution for your business.

Published on December 8, 2021


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