Transporting OEMs the Right Way with Right Way Auto

With 32 trucks, Right Way Auto falls squarely within the fleet category of the car hauling industry. It takes decades to build a profitable car hauling business with enough know-how to run a fleet of 32 trucks. And it’s precisely for those reasons Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) rely on powerhouses like Right Way to haul their cars straight from the assembly line to the dealership. OEMs can’t trust just any car hauling company with their brand new cars.

OEMs also can’t trust just any car hauling software system. That’s why in July of 2017, all OEMs made their preferred carriers switch to ePOD, forcing all OEM carriers to acquire an electronic proof of delivery system that could integrate with their own TMS. Right Way Auto Transport took that opportunity to become a Super Dispatch customer.

Right Way Auto ? A family affair

Right Way Auto Transport has been around since 1989, long before Super Dispatch was even a twinkle in our founder’s eye.

Now in 2018, the Wright’s have become a 3rd generation car hauling family. Not only is their family in the car hauling business, but everyone in their car hauling business feels like family. Last year when Lori’s daughter got married to her (dispatcher) husband, one of their long-time drivers attended with his truck!Right Way Auto Super Dispatch fleet OEM dispatch

This extensive experience in car hauling is what allows companies like Right Way Auto to secure lucrative OEM contracts. And those OEM contracts are what initiated their switch from paper bookkeeping to Super Dispatch’s Transportation Management System.

When all OEM auto haulers were required to use an electronic proof of delivery system, which has the ability to send real-time updates to shippers on their cargo, a few companies, like Richie Auto Transport (another Super Dispatch customer) and Right Way Auto, found a solution in Super Dispatch.

EDI & APIs – Super Dispatch had the right integration options

Because Right Way has been around for decades, it has plenty of its own internal software to run the business. Super Dispatch works with any carrier to integrate their systems with our APIs. Between OEM haulers like Right Way Auto and Richie Auto Transport, Super Dispatch created API and EDI integrations so that all our OEM haulers could become ePOD compliant.

Our continuous progress toward OEM hauling perfection has not slowed since bringing on Right Way, either. As any Super Dispatch customer knows, we are ardent supporters of constant improvement through customer feedback. We take and implement feedback requests from single owner operators as well as 50 truck fleets.

“Super D often listens to our feedback,” Lori said. “For instance, Super Dispatch created the software that sends OEMs a Bill of Lading as soon as a carrier is moving,” Lori said about her own feedback requests. “That helps them to plan their sales with their customers because they have a specific unit detail.”

Our company policy to accept feedback and implement improvement is what Super Dispatch prides itself most on, more so than any of our features. We at Super Dispatch constantly want to improve and evolve our software so we can deliver the best experience for our customers and our customer’s customers. Combating the slow progress in trucking technology is part of our story of innovation and why our company exists in the first place! We believe in moving at the speed of our customers so that when fleets like Right Way Auto need a solution fast, we can deliver.

Because of Super Dispatch’s integrations and quick turn-around , Right Way Auto was able to switch to an ePOD system before their deadline.

It’s also because of this policy that Super Dispatch is one of the most user-friendly carrier apps on the market. Despite how complicated transportation logistics becomes, Super Dispatch has stayed the user-friendly app for dispatchers, drivers and owners alike.

“I like the user friendliness of it,” Lori says. “So it’s not so overbearing. It’s cut and dry, I like that.”

Increased cash flow

Right Way’s switch from paper to Super Dispatch’s platform, got their money moving faster.

“When we had a paper bill of lading, I couldn’t bill my customer because the driver had to stop and fax me paperwork. So, paperwork could be with the drivers for up to two weeks,”said Lori. “Now I have noticed a sharp difference in my receivables because it’s in billing as soon as it’s delivered. The cash flow is so much quicker.

‘Right Way is large enough to have two teams of dispatchers and accountants, one team that mans the New, Assigned, Picked Up and Delivered tabs in the Super Dispatch dashboard, and a second team that only monitors the Billed and Paid tabs. With Super Dispatch’s convenient dashboard tabs replacing filing cabinets and snail mail, their jobs are completely streamlined.

In addition to this, Super Dispatch has simple reporting features like accounts payable, receivable and company revenue to make sure no extra expenses or payments fall through the cracks.

“Paper had its benefits,” Lori said. “But anybody who has an ePOD system, I recommend Super Dispatch to anyone I see. It’s easy for your drivers, it’s easy to explain to your owner.”

Published on September 28, 2019


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