PRESS RELEASE: Super Dispatch Launches Auto Transport Co-Pilot


auto transport co-pilot launches with super dispatch

An All-New Video Podcast Celebrating, Unifying, and Amplifying the Auto Transport Community

KANSAS CITY, Mo., July 18, 2023 — Super Dispatch, the industry-leading car shipping platform, today launched Auto Transport Co-Pilot, the first-of-its-kind video podcast offering a dedicated conversation for the auto transport industry.  Bek Abdullayev, Super Dispatch Founder and Chief Executive Officer, will lead the commentary each month, taking a deep dive into industry insights and challenges.   Co-Pilot will foster transparency and ignite meaningful conversations with shippers, brokers, carriers, and other influential members of the auto transport community.

According to Abdullayev, Auto Transport Co-Pilot is an attempt to start a conversation and build a community. The auto transport industry is a key pillar of the automotive world, deserving of the spotlight.  We want to highlight the movers and shakers, but especially the hard workers that make this industry what it is – and we’ll do it all from the perspective of a co-pilot who is right there next to you for every mile.”

Monthly featured guests will include carriers, brokers, and shippers who will share in conversation about their journey as they build, learn, overcome, and succeed in the automotive industry.

Sean Llorente with Expedited Freight is a featured guest in an upcoming episode of Auto Transport Co-Pilot.  Llorente explained, “I’ve been hauling cars with a truck all my adult life.  It’s what I do.  Now, I’m pushing the boundaries as a business owner while scaling my business in auto transport. By sharing my journey, the hope is that others in the business can learn from my experience.”

To view the video podcast for Auto Transport Co-Pilot and learn more about Sean and others featured, visit


About Super Dispatch

Super Dispatch is the end-to-end shipping platform backed by a digital suite of tools built to make the lives of auto transport industry professionals easier. Connecting shippers, brokers, and carriers with innovative software enables them to move cars faster while managing and growing their businesses.  Super Dispatch is headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri. Please visit our website or social media channels to learn more about our platform.



Published on August 4, 2023

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