5 Auto Industry Podcasts Worth Checking Out

by Ben Price

Auto transportation can be a difficult industry to break into not only because it takes a lot of work and capital to get started, but also because it can often be confusing for newbies to get started. Thankfully, there are plenty of podcasts out there that new auto transport workers can take advantage of in order to receive helpful advice, learn more about the auto industry, and become a part of a growing community. 

Below, we’ve shared five of some of the best podcasts related to trucking and auto transportation that you should take a look at. Each of these podcasts offers great tips and information regarding the auto industry and may be of some value to you and your auto transport business.

ATI Auto Transport

ATI Auto Transport is an excellent podcast for those who have recently started as an auto transport carrier or are simply interested in learning more about the auto transport industry. Jay is an auto transport veteran who hosts the podcast himself.

On ATI Auto Transport, Jay and his co-hosts discuss various topics like the best load boards, the process of booking loads, the logistics of delivering cars, industry leaders, and much more. With over one hundred episodes, there’s plenty of valuable content already available to you right now. Those interested in checking out this podcast can find it on all major podcast platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Audible, and YouTube.

An American Truck Driver

An American Truck Driver is a podcast made by truck drivers, for truck drivers. While not specifically aimed at auto transport truck drivers, much of the information discussed on this podcast is applicable. The podcast covers topics ranging from choosing the right type of truck for your specific operation to problem-solving on the road. 

The podcast has also been around since 2015, with over 160 episodes and counting. Because of its older age, An American Truck Driver features quite a lot of great and valuable content for those looking for assistance with their trucking business, regardless of whether it’s related to auto transportation or not.

The Trucking Podcast with Buck & Don

The Trucking Podcast is another helpful podcast that’s focused on the trucking industry in general. While not specifically targeted toward auto transport truckers, much of the information discussed on this show is about the life of a truck driver, helpful tips for newbies, how to succeed as a truck driver, and much more. The podcast has been around for many years with tons of content to pour through, making it a great resource for new auto transport drivers.

Talk CDL

Another popular trucking podcast worth taking a look at is Talk CDL – having been around for years, the podcast has 300 episodes and counting. According to its page, the podcast is “focused on providing entertainment for… fellow truckers…” covering a wide range of topics in the trucking industry including trucking laws, news, and more.

Talk CDL, Similar to An American Truck Driver and The Trucking Podcast, isn’t strictly focused on auto transport but more so envelops the trucking industry as a whole. The podcast is very popular and is available on all major podcast platforms like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and more.

Ship More Cars

Ship More Cars is another auto transport podcast that offers plenty of valuable tips and info for auto transport workers. Hosted by Ashley Tucker of ReloAcademy (, the podcast is aimed at auto transport brokers specifically.

While the podcast was discontinued years ago and only lasted ten episodes, this podcast still features very valuable information. Check it out on SoundCloud here.

These are just a handful of podcasts out there that we recommend for newcomers in the auto transport industry. If you need helpful tips regarding trucking, car transportation, and other related topics, then any of these podcasts will likely be helpful. For those in need of a helpful tool for their auto transport business, then we recommend trying out Super Dispatch – our Carrier TMS solution allows car haulers to easily manage their contacts, send BOLs, communicate with customers and shippers, and more. Try it for free today!

Published on June 16, 2022


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